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Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm EST
to join our system. and the thrust of a terrific book by john ikeen berry we have built this modern international system, this web of networks and associations and groupings and alliances, and everyone -- it's an open system. anyone who wants to join and -- play by the rules can do so. it's still the system that draws people from various parts of the world in to the web that we are at heart of it. whether it's the imf world bank, united nations, nay nato, et. cetera. the rerevised architecture we're building in asia. that's the essence of the competition. at the ends of the, it's exactly what the new yemen president did. he was willing to stand with the united states and do so publicly. and that is the ultimate challenge as jim was saying earlier, you know, mutual interest, mutual respect, i would add to that shared responsibility where we know that to solve any international challenge no one country particularly the united states can do it alone. but, you know, you can't solve the challenges as our former boss hillary clinton said. you can't solve any global challenge without meani
Nov 16, 2012 8:00pm EST
counselman john roberts, a good and interesting day. as the thoughts raced through my head, sooner or later the clock struck ten, and at the appointed hour, the gavel and clock operated almost as if in perfect unison. i heard the familiar pound of the gavel by the marshel followed by the follow incantation, all those having business draw near for the court is in the session. god save the united states and this honorable court. these justices materialize behind beautiful red velvet draperies. they start to announce the decisions, and, you know, true to form, the court held the most interesting case for the last case. the emotion in the room reached a certain country -- cresnedo, and it came time for the announce. i, along with most of the conservatives in the room, was elated when chief justice roberts started announcing the opinion. i took that as a very, very good oman. i was more e lated when he launched into the commerce clause. i was elated for the third time in the last 75 years, the supreme court was identifying something, anything beyond congresses' immense power under the commerce c
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
assassin who's adherence insist oswald and ruby were lone nuts who murdered john kennedy and lee harvey oswald. now on the other side, we have the church of the grand spears. and there frequently rather vague about what they think what happened and who was responsible. but they are absolutely convinced there was a large conspiracy usually involving figures within the u.s. government what happened in dallas, the a a assassination of john f ken i kennedy. >>> says the u.s. will not follow off the so-called fiscal cliff. allen was at the club of washington to talk about the economy and job creation. this is forty minutes. >>> so we're pleased today to have the chairman of the president counsel of economic adviser with us. alan krueger. the native of new jersey. he went to undergrad at cornell. he was not only the top of the class, but a high jumper on the track team. then went harvard to get the ph.d. in economics, and his thesis adviser was larry summers. he has an academic career and is now a has been a name professor at princeton teaching economics, it's now second tour of duty in the o
Nov 12, 2012 8:30pm EST
when president bush was pushing very hard, when john mccain was pushing hard. ted kennedy was seeking a lead than immigration reform was defeated by 15 those in the senate or so. so i mean, there's no guarantee it will happen, but the discussion about future election in the growing from latino vote, et cetera, et cetera may be exaggerated. two years ago we were all the 19 are lots of the democrats were on the 19, the republicans were cheering and it looks like the country was going in the other direction. marriage has been defeated. so i wouldn't sort of also take these trends as written and concrete, but certainly they look favorable and a steel love that quote as i can't remember his name on one of the talk shows, it is a great week to be latino. on the rest of latin america, and i think what michael said his rate, but i also think that immigration means more for mexico and central america and the caribbean than it does for the other countries. it's important, but by and large i don't think the election changes very much the equation for south america or brazil. i was looking for so
Nov 14, 2012 8:00pm EST
that this committee has a very long tradition, even before john dingell of working with members to identify problems in this country and to expose that and then coming back with legislation to fix it so it doesn't happen again. and one of those is, as we'll review this case, to see what was there in the recent inspection and the black particular, leaking boiler, the bird flying around, just what gives? if this was found just recently and it's our understanding is there are similar types of contamination in earlier years, what is the problem, what is the problem by not shutting down something like this until it is corrected and if you don't have the authority, been waiting to make sure that it's there. it seems reasonable to me that in fact he did have the authority to not only have unannounced inspections but to come in and corrected so that it didn't get to this stage. certainly with the deaths of people across the country and the questions that are raised today. as part of the tradition of this committee we have to have the right information and i guess one of the concerns that i have is the bipar
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5